Obsession – Prologue

by Dreams in Pink


Chapter One →


The Moon, The Silver Millennium, 300 million years ago

Smoke billowed into the breeze, creating a mask against the velvet sky. The stench of ash and burnt flesh hung heavy in the air, as the last of the fires slowly died. An eerie silence swept over the Moon Kingdom, which just mere hours ago stood strong and proud. Bodies stained the once ivory marble, lifeless and soon to be nothing more than a memory. It had been a massacre.

A single man stood amongst the debris, straining to see through the death and destruction, searching frantically where he thought he had seen her fall. Then he saw it: a tress of what had been radiant silver hair, lying tattered and dirtied on the crimson ground. He followed it to her, his breath catching in his throat as his face washed pale with shock. Her bright, lifeless eyes stared up at him, lips drained of colour, and cheeks a ghastly white.

How could she? How could she abandon him? How could she choose him?

His emotions ran rampant as he struggled to control his anguish and hate. He wrapped his arms around her petite waist, pulling her off the man she had chosen: Endymion, the crown prince of Earth.

“You did this to her,” he seethed, his eyes flashing red as he grabbed a dagger from his boot and plunged it into the Prince’s chest. He pulled the knife out, only to thrust it in again, screaming in rage, his muscles tight with contempt. Sweat beaded on his brow as he moved to Endymion’s chiselled face, his blade carving into the taut skin. A sense of accomplished swelled within him, and he stood back to admire his work. His smile faded as a piece of her silken gown fluttered with the breeze, catching his eye.

“Serenity…” he whispered, teetering to the girl and dropping to his knees. He ran his fingers through her once glossy locks, unable to control the sobs that shook him to the core. The distraught man cradled the young woman’s head in his arms, running a calloused finger down her cheek.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to go,” he murmured, salty tears wetting his lips. “You were perfect.”

“Your Majesty, over here!” A voice shouted in the distance, echoing off the hallow walls and collapsed stone. Footsteps approached, and the man placed a heart-broken kiss on the girl’s mouth before scampering off to hide amongst the rubble.

“NO!” the Queen cried, racing to her daughter’s side, her legs giving way as she fell to the slick ground. She frantically grasped the girl’s cold, limp hand in her own. “I’m so sorry,” she whimpered, pushing the bangs from Serenity’s forehead. She ran her palm over the her daughter’s face, closing her eyelids to put her to rest. Her attention was drawn upwards, as light bounced off a medal on Endymion’s uniform. Her heart ached at the sight of him, knowing that a good man like the Prince did not deserve an ending like this. She knew he had tried.

Her most loyal servants, Luna and Artemis, kept their distance, fingers intertwined, unable to focus on the sight before them. The woman covered her nose and mouth with her slender hand, the scent of carnage assaulting her senses. Tears overwhelmed her, while her husband struggled to remain stoic, and strong.

With a heavy heart the Queen lifted her eyes, “Luna, Artemis,” she called, the pair immediately coming to her aid. “We don’t have time. We have to do it now,” she said, expression sullen and jaw drawn tight.

“But Queen Ser – ” The words died in Artemis’ throat as the Queen extended a fragile finger.

“There’s no other choice,” she shook her head. “Our people have been be slaughtered, our home destroyed,” she paused, fighting desperately to keep control. “I can give them another chance. A chance at peace. A chance at love. All of them.” Though her brow was knit in turmoil, she had made her decision. There was no going back.

“It will kill you,” Luna stated, unwilling to avert her gaze from anywhere but the ground. “It will make this kingdom nothing more than a myth.”

“I know,” she nodded. She was ready. Queen Serenity had ruled the Moon Kingdom for nearly one thousand years, and never imagined its destruction would be during her reign. Although there was no hope for the survival of her race, she had one last chance to save what was most precious to her: her daughter, Serenity. The Queen stood, gown pooling at her feet, its base soaked in blood and soot. She held out her hand, and a perfect crystal materialized in her palm.

“Watch over them,” she whispered. Artemis and Luna bowed in response, as they squeezed on another’s hands, knuckles white with grief.

The man watched wide-eyed from his sanctuary behind a broken column as the Moon’s ruler poured the last of her energy into the Silver Crystal. A brilliant light exploded from the gem, enveloping its surroundings in a radiant warmth. His eyes clenched shut, using his arm to shield his face in protection from the blinding light. He cried out as the blaze ripped through him, turning his veins to fire. Within moments the light was gone and the pain had subsided, leaving nothing but darkness.

The man smiled knowingly; he had survived.

They had survived.

And next time, she would be his.

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