D’aimer et D’être Aimé – Crab, 255 Words

by Dreams in Pink


It had to be some sort of sick practical joke. They could have built one anywhere in the city. Why did they have to choose right next door to Mamoru’s apartment building? It was an eyesore. It was terrifying.

Usagi was trapped. Crossing the street to escape the creature would be suicide, and going the opposite direction around the block would take at least ten extra minutes, making her late.

She was being ridiculous. It wasn’t like it was going to come to life and crush her between its giant claws… right? And it wasn’t going to fall off the building, smashing her beneath its hard, plastic shell… was it? Usagi continued to stare at the monster with complete and utter disdain, watching its spiny coral legs twitch against the wall.

That’s how he found her; standing a mere fifteen feet from his apartment’s entrance with a frown imprinted on her porcelain face. Mamoru shook his head, unable to suppress a smile.

“Usagi,” he called, jogging to her side and bringing her back into reality. The blonde motioned towards the monstrosity.

“Who does that? Who makes the logo for their restaurant a giant, moving crab!” She wondered, perplexed and horrified.

Mamoru chuckled as he grabbed her delicate hand and ushered her away; Usagi’s gaze fixated on the crab until it was out of sight.