Allure – Prologue

by Dreams in Pink



Chapter One→


They made love the under the watchful eyes of the willowy figures, who standing side by side, enclosed them in the small clearing. The tall trees whose fingers lovingly caressed each other, swayed with the delicate breeze allowing tiny pockets of sun to swim through their arms. Small spikes of grass nipped at her bare flesh with each slip off the woolen blanket, and his rough, unshaven skin assaulted hers, turning ivory to an aggravated red. His calloused hands traced messy patterns on her smooth abdomen, and she let out an exaggerated moan when his dry lips violated her bare breast. Her slender hands became tangled in his coarse, greasy hair and his botchy kisses continued downwards.

Turning her head to the side, a glint of gold caught her eye. His wedding ring. Immediately her hands flew to his chest, forcefully pushing him back. Surprised, the man stopped his tirade, staring at her in bewilderment.

“What is it?” he asked, his gruff voice laced with concerned but dripping with frustration.

“I can’t do this anymore,” she stated meekly, pulling her skirt over her knees and shielding her naked shoulders with her cotton shawl. The man smiled halfheartedly in a vain attempt to appear empathetic. She turned away, focusing her attention to the patches of sunlight playing in the grass. Once again she felt his stale breath on her cheek; his laboured fingers rubbed against her upper arm, savagely tugging at the light fabric, bringing it down. She pulled her arm out of his reach, but no sooner were his dry lips pressed against her now exposed shoulder. Her entire body recoiled as her hand protectively covered the tortured flesh.

“Stop,” her voice was flat, and her attention fixed to the ground.

“Why?” The man sat back, an annoyed sigh making its escape as his body slouched in defeat.

“You don’t love me.” Barely audible, the words slipped from her lips. His head dropped.

“I do. Of course I do,” he mumbled, his eyes turned upward, eagerly watching for her reaction.

“Why?” Taken aback, he straightened his posture, looking at her squarely.

“You’re beautiful.” Sincere and honest; his answer swelled into a twinge of pain in the pit of her stomach.

“What else?” Tears began to swell.

“What else is there?”

“What else is there!?” she repeated, her voice raising, tears falling down her pale cheeks. He remained silent and like every time before, realization set in. She was just his toy, just like she was to all the others.

The golden glint caught her eye once more, and she snatched his wedding ring from the blanket, throwing it towards him. “Go home to your wife,” she spat, pulling her shirt over her head.

He pounced, pinning her to the ground. His face clouded with confusion and desire, “I don’t want my wife.” She struggled, freeing herself from his cage and jumped to her feet. “Usagi, please!”

She paused momentarily, glancing down on him from her elevated position. ‘No, not again…’ she thought, as the familiar feeling of guilt settled in the pit of her stomach. “Stop… go home to your family.”

“Why?” Within seconds, he was on his feet, his strong hand wrapped around her delicate wrist. He forced her to look him in the eye. “I need an answer.” Quietly she began to cry.

“I’ve ruined too many families, too many marriages.” She wiped away the tears with the corner of her sleeve.

“You’re not ruining anything…I’ll leave her. If it means that much to you…” Disgust overwhelmed her and without any sense of control, her small hand flew across his face, “Don’t.”

“Usagi, please. I don’t love anyone else.” He knew he was going to lose her; the only prize he was ever able to claim.

“You don’t love me!” She hissed, eyes narrowing. “Don’t expect to see me again,” she stated coldly, shaking her head. His grip on her wrist tightened.

“Stay,” he demanded his voice sharp and his eyes darkening. A shiver coursed through her small body, as she tried to shake his hand, which only tightened its grip.

“Let go…” Fear laid in the depths of her eyes.

“I can’t.”

“Please! You’re hurting me!”

“Usagi… tell me why it has to end? Why are you running from me?” He persisted, swiftly clutching her other arm in his empty hand.

“Stop… you’re holding too tight,” her voice was barely audible, and lower lip began to tremble as silent tears streamed down her face. Instantly his hold softened and her limbs fell from his grasp.

“I… I’m sorry.” Devastated. Shocked. Slowly the man backed away from the girl, allowing her to escape, not knowing exactly what had come over him. Running from the predator, she took off barefoot through the forest forgetting her possessions behind her.

The man fell to his knees, cradling his sweat stained face in his coarse palms. He shook his head, the effects of bewilderment wearing off. He had lost her. For a small moment in time, she had been his. A possession. A prize. But his, nonetheless. His shoulders quivered as a sob escaped his dry lips. Beaten, he stood to his feet, gathering her forgotten belongings as if they would keep a piece of her close to him.

Utterly lost in his thoughts, the man never noticed the tiny gasp that escaped into the wind. He never heard the twigs break under foot as she ran from the scene that she had witnessed from beginning to end. For that afternoon under the gentle sway of the trees, it was not only nature who had been watching the lover’s affair.


Chapter One →